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About me

I'm a photographer and videographer based out of London, working in the UK and beyond. I generally shoot portraiture, headshots, live music photography and music videos, but I'm always interested in collaborating on different new projects.

Tailored services

I strongly believe in creative collaboration that results in unique visuals to make your image and brand striking. This means I can create full media packages which include an array of videography and photography, including, but not limited to head shots, album covers, music videos or promotional photos optimised for social media sites.

What I shoot

I shoot with a large number of different cameras and formats, both film and digital. I originally only shot film for my personal work, but a lot of my clients have come to prefer the unique vintage aesthetic and softer tonality that film can bring. I understand the benefits of both mediums and I like to provide a blend of both film and digital. I shoot film ranging from standard 35mm,  larger format 120 film, all the way up to traditional large format photography.

Before We Shoot

My goal is always to create distinctive visuals while also keeping the process comfortable and enjoyable. 

Feel free to contact me to discuss your project no matter how big, small, abstract or simple it may be. Whether you have a partial concept in mind or no idea at all, we can work together to flesh out your next shoot!

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